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Sustainable Energy Economics

Mooney Kelly has worked with major utilities, private sector developers, local government and regional development authorities on a variety of sustainable energy projects. We have carried out feasibility studies, economic analyses and supply chain development for a number of sustainable energy projects.  We are uniquely positioned to provide up to date cost information in this sector.

'Mooney Kelly have delivered credible and experienced resources to meet the needs of our projects. Their knowledge across sectors has allowed us to adopt best practice and maintain advantage over our competitors.'

Miles Hearn, Operations Director, Sustainable Solutions

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP)

Energy efficiency is a high priority on the government agenda. Under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) the government has put in place a number of legislative measures requiring gas and electric suppliers to achieve extremely challenging targets for a reduction in carbon emissions.

Electricity and gas suppliers will be obliged to promote things that:

  • improve energy efficiency, for example, loft and wall insulation
  • increase the amount of energy generated from renewable technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels and ground source heat pumps

CERT will mean that energy suppliers will provide grants and offers to help homeowners implement energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies in the home. Grants and offers can be taken up from any energy company, regardless of whether they supply a home with gas and electricity. This could help reduce the amount of energy used, and reduce CO 2 emissions and energy bills too.

Most energy suppliers provide loft and cavity wall insulation for free to those aged over 70 or those in receipt of certain benefits.

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The Building Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP)
has been developed by the London Development Agency (LDA) to contribute directly to the Mayor’s 60% carbon dioxide reduction target for London. It will do this by working directly with public sector organisations to help them reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and to reduce their energy bills.

BEEP is designed to support public sector organisations and to address the lack of finance available to drive carbon dioxide emission reduction programmes by establishing investment mechanisms to help fund energy efficiency projects for public sector buildings. The programme is aimed at the refurbishment or retrofit of existing buildings.

The two main barriers to delivery of energy efficiency retrofitting in the public sector are considered to be a ‘lack of internal capacity and expertise’ and a ‘lack of access to finance’. The BEEP has been developed to address each of these barriers.

When implemented,:-

public sector organisations will be able to procure a contractor from an LDA approved framework panel;

the contractor (or ESCO – Energy Service Company) will survey the property, assess the works required and guarantee a set level of energy savings on completion of the work – and therefore financial savings - over a period of years.

The target is that the savings generated will recover the initial capital outlay over a period of eight years or so.

The plan of the LDA is to develop this scheme into a ‘design build and finance’ model so that the initial costs are met by the ESCO, with repayments made from reductions in energy bills and the public sector organisation being in a cash-neutral position until the capital costs are paid off.

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