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Project Management

On every new project, our focus is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

‘They’re relentless. They want to see the job done and they’re very methodical about getting there’

Danielle Pilcher, CLIENT

Sometimes, problems and challenges that could not be predicted come up along the way, but successful outcomes are nonetheless always possible. Of course it’s always better if we can be involved at the earliest possible stages of a project, because we might just see problems looming that no one else does.

‘They tend to pick things up that the client or the design team haven’t thought of’


We offer clients a single point of responsibility, protecting their interests at all times and thereby reinforcing client control. We concentrate on the successful co-ordination of all team members to meet client requirements.

‘In a project management role, they were very instrumental in co- ordinating the team and working well together. They constantly gave us advice on working with the contractor, the architect and the rest of the team.’

Jeanette Shand, CLIENT

As for the old cliché – on time and on budget? We not only work to that, but aim to improve on it if we can, whilst ensuring clients and the team get the highest quality service at every stage.





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