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Mooney Kelly’s policy is to improve quality by providing clearly stated requirements. All personnel shall be expected to perform their tasks ‘ right first time’ or cause the requirements to be officially changed to meet this Quality Policy. This Quality Management System will be registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and will be regularly audited by an independent certification body.

The requirements shall aim to:-

Conform to client’s requirements, reasonable needs and expectations; and to maintain client satisfaction consistent with professional standards and ethics

Conform to the partnership’s requirements for effective working practices, performance and management, thus contributing to the partnership’s business needs and profitability.

Conform to employee’s requirements for the necessary training to enable them to carry out their duties effectively and to contribute to the future developments of the partnership.

Partners and managing surveyors shall be responsible for ensuring that all employees reporting to them are aware and understand this Quality Policy.

Procedures have been established and are maintained for the identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance and disposition of records. These are maintained from every project to demonstrate achievement of the required quality and the effective operation of the quality system. All records shall be legible and identifiable to the Project involved. Records shall be stored and maintained in such a way that they are readily retrievable.

Procedures have been established and are maintained to identify training needs. Provision is made for the training of all personnel performing activities affecting quality by means of a periodic review by a partner. Personnel performing specific assigned tasks are qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training and/or experience as required. Appropriate logs of CPD and other training courses are maintained.

Procedures have been established and are maintained to ensure that client’s service requirements are clearly defined in terms of characteristics that are observable and can be subject to customer evaluation; that the partnership has adequate facilities, personnel and materials at the required time to provide the required services;. and to continually improve the service...