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The following Principles of Corporate Responsibility set out our key responsibility issues and provide guidance for employees on the standards to which Mooney Kelly is committed:


We will treat our employees with respect and dignity, encourage diversity and ensure fair treatment through all phases of employment. We expect all employees to adopt this same approach to each other. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment, support employees to perform to their full potential and take responsibility for the performance and reputation of the business. We will establish our own challenging standards of leadership in corporate responsibility, appropriate to the complexities and specific needs of our business, building on external guidelines and experience. We will share best practice and seek to influence others, while remaining competitive in order to sustain our business.


We commit to meeting high ethical standards in all aspects of our business, by conducting our activities with honesty, integrity and transparency, adhering to our corporate responsibility principles, and complying with applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. We will comply with legal, regulatory and license requirements. Our business decisions will take account of economic, social and environmental factors. We will not tolerate corruption or collusion, whether direct or indirect, in any form.

Community and environment:

We will operate in an environmentally responsible manner through systematic management of our environmental impacts. We will improve the efficiency of all our activities to minimise material and energy use and waste generated. We will go beyond legislative obligations to achieve best practice.